Slip into Spring

Ahh...spring. Fresh air, cool breezes and colorful little buds popping up everywhere. (Not crazy about all the hype to get "swimsuit ready" but those ads are a good reminder to eat more greens) 

Here's a little "studio" update: Yes, we sold out of most of the solid black series, (although, did score more of that sumptous medium weight black cotton so will have more exclusive styles made for fall since it is so popular.) Now the team is working hard to finish a SWEET, blue flowered, sheer Cotton Tunic with soft Scalloped Trims on the V-Neck Neckline and Back, side Slits and Bell Sleeves. (see a teaser piece of fabric on our fb page, twitter, instagram, pinterest)

And don't forget- we CRAVE your input, comments, feedback..and anyone that submits a great design idea and if we put it into production, YOU get a FREE garment!