Synthetic Clothing Steals Pure Comfort


Everyone enjoying Spring? Or are you the lucky, yes lucky ones, experiencing those crisp, frosty temperature changes still? The reason I say lucky is because the "Steamies" have begun here in South Florida and it's difficult to dress comfortably for everyone, not just us "hot flashing" girls.  

A young "computer tech" man came to our studio yesterday and as he ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the color's and feel of our fashions he questioned why they would be good for hot flashes. When I explained that natural fibers and especially Cotton allow your skin to breathe he questioned that statement. "Really? Because I've been perspiring all day in this cotton shirt." 

I smiled and tried not to come off like a know-it-all "Loonie" and asked if I could look at the tag. When I read out loud that his very hi-end, top designer, white shirt was 60% Rayon and 40% Cotton he looked a little surprised. "Did you know synthetic fabrics trap your body heat? And almost all fashion is made from it now because it's inexpensive and there aren't that many Farmer's producing Cotton like it used to be, so it's more expensive." He said he had no idea and that's when I realized that MILLENNIAL'S HAVE BEEN ROBBED! "Who remembers climbing into a cool, crisp, sweet smelling bed because the sheets had been hung to dry in the sun or the feeling of rushing out the ocean shivering and your Mom wrapping you in a big cotton towel or your favorite cotton dress that caught every breeze and got softer with each washing?

Sad, but true, a whole generation only knows about what I call "disposable clothing."

More on THAT subject in the next Blog!

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