Ahhh... breath of spring. Let’s Lighten Up?

My ego took a big hit when HOT FLASHES and weight gain took hold. But that was ten years ago and I’ve learned to accept it, (after trying every imaginable herbal concoction, acupuncture, hypnosis, exercise regimes & finally hormonal replacement therapy) and when I wear clothing that doesn’t bind, let’s my skin breathe, in colors that make my eyes pop or skin glow! I feel most comfortable & confident. 

Find your comfort zone and make it work for you.

1. Ask yourself- What’s my “GO TO” outfit to wear in public?

2. Ask someone you really trust if it compliments your unique coloring and duplicate it or toss it. 

3. Wear what works for YOU. Not what fashion dictates. Especially now because 95% of what’s out there is synthetic, made cheaply and doesn’t flatter OUR body’s.

Cool Down Time?

Hi There-

Hope you all had a good way to "be cool" this summer?! 

Mine should have been acceptionally stressful, (won't bore you with ALL the details) other than to say we moved, my husband had surgery, the humidity here in S. Florida was insane and I didn't want to commit hairy-carey (sp?)! Now, who knows if it's because I'm getting used to the hot flashes, menopause is finally taking it's leave or the Resveratrol natural supplements are working?!  

I joined a bunch of menopause groups on facebook and see we all, pretty much, have the same issues and concerns: Irritability, weight gain, depression, lack of libido, headaches, dryness....need I continue? My heart goes out to everyone and let's keep the conversations and support going. Breathe....      

Firmer Skin, Better Digestion AND maybe fewer Hot Flashes?

I read a lot of Menopause website posts, comments and questions and see most of you have the same concerns I have! Here is that Green Pro Biotic Milkshake that has helped me greatly. (Contact me directly for more specific details stylewithpd@gmail or on this site)

Essential FRESH Ingredients- 1 ring Pineapple, 1/4c. Spinach, 1/4 Parsley, 1/4 c. Cucumber, 1T. Ginger, 1/4c. SUGAR FREE Pomagranite, Blueberry or Cranberry Juice a few Ice Cubes and Blend. Now you may add whatever else you like- Banana, Blueberries, Watermellon (my fav) Apples, Celery.....

I am finally regular, the hot flashes are less brutal and my complexion has never looked better!



Pure Cotton=Pure Sigh of Relief.

Has your summer begun? We, here in beautiful South Florida are "steaming" up. (It was 82 at 5:30 a.m. this morning, at the beach!) If you are hot flashing like I'm hot flashing and we must wear clothes, right, slip on a cool something, something in 100% cotton. You will feel much more comfortable, your skin will be able to breathe and hopefully a tropical breeze will billow up under your dress like Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate in Seven Year Itch ! (synthetic fabrics trap body heat) 

Don't forget! Send a picture of you wearing one of our fashions that we get to post (sans head if preferred) and you receive 40% Off your next purchase. Comments are also very welcomed.      

Synthetic Clothing Steals Pure Comfort


Everyone enjoying Spring? Or are you the lucky, yes lucky ones, experiencing those crisp, frosty temperature changes still? The reason I say lucky is because the "Steamies" have begun here in South Florida and it's difficult to dress comfortably for everyone, not just us "hot flashing" girls.  

A young "computer tech" man came to our studio yesterday and as he ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the color's and feel of our fashions he questioned why they would be good for hot flashes. When I explained that natural fibers and especially Cotton allow your skin to breathe he questioned that statement. "Really? Because I've been perspiring all day in this cotton shirt." 

I smiled and tried not to come off like a know-it-all "Loonie" and asked if I could look at the tag. When I read out loud that his very hi-end, top designer, white shirt was 60% Rayon and 40% Cotton he looked a little surprised. "Did you know synthetic fabrics trap your body heat? And almost all fashion is made from it now because it's inexpensive and there aren't that many Farmer's producing Cotton like it used to be, so it's more expensive." He said he had no idea and that's when I realized that MILLENNIAL'S HAVE BEEN ROBBED! "Who remembers climbing into a cool, crisp, sweet smelling bed because the sheets had been hung to dry in the sun or the feeling of rushing out the ocean shivering and your Mom wrapping you in a big cotton towel or your favorite cotton dress that caught every breeze and got softer with each washing?

Sad, but true, a whole generation only knows about what I call "disposable clothing."

More on THAT subject in the next Blog!

Thanks for your interest-

Founder/Stylist P.D. Roché
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Slip into Spring

Ahh...spring. Fresh air, cool breezes and colorful little buds popping up everywhere. (Not crazy about all the hype to get "swimsuit ready" but those ads are a good reminder to eat more greens) 

Here's a little "studio" update: Yes, we sold out of most of the solid black series, (although, did score more of that sumptous medium weight black cotton so will have more exclusive styles made for fall since it is so popular.) Now the team is working hard to finish a SWEET, blue flowered, sheer Cotton Tunic with soft Scalloped Trims on the V-Neck Neckline and Back, side Slits and Bell Sleeves. (see a teaser piece of fabric on our fb page, twitter, instagram, pinterest)

And don't forget- we CRAVE your input, comments, feedback..and anyone that submits a great design idea and if we put it into production, YOU get a FREE garment!     

Holidaze! Revisited 2017.

Trying a new Holidaze Schedule. The frenzy of life this time of year was squeezing our playful and lovable sides. So we collectively decided to work Tue.-Fri. 10:00-4:00. Your orders WILL be filled! Just not on Mondays. (may stay in bed longer, go for more walks on the beach, see a movie,  attend more recitals, bake cookies, no doubt have waistbands altered)

We wish you love and play during your holidays.

p.s. Don’t forget to use our $10 OFF Gift to You Coupon.

The Team-



Happy Thanks n Giving!

Hope you will be with loved ones and if you've alienated some like I have with constant irritablility from hot flashes...make apologies and put on a big o' smile! It's only one night for Pete's sake, right? And why not really show some kindness and invite  a friend, collegue or someone you know that is alone into your home for Thanksgiving.  

We at Hot Women Clothing THANK YOU for your patronage. Don't forget to use the $10 Off coupon.