Hot Women Clothing® was born out of menopausal desperation in the sizzling month of August 2014 in Palm Beach County, Florida. The founder/designer, Ms. P.D. Roché is a former international and fit model & in the depths of hot flashes, chills, night sweats and insomnia! P.D. found it most comfortable wearing an oversized sheer cotton T-Shirt but would have to run for a robe to answer the door! After searching the stores and on-line to find stylish and affordable fashions to replace the old T-Shirt and finding most everything SYNTHETIC (We all know those trap our body heat) she decided to utilize her knowledge and experience to start a small fashion line. Hot Women Clothing is proudly manufactured in South Florida which is also a perfect market for all women looking for cool, comfortable clothing to beat the heat.  

  •  Slimming Stripes, Patterns and Uplifting Colors
  • Oversized Medium NITE T's/Day Dresses Size 10-12 Bust 40" Waist 42" Hips "46
  • Oversized Large NITE T's/Day Dresses Size 14-16 Bust 42" Waist 44" Hips 48"
  • Oversized Xlarge NITE T's/Day Dresses Size 18-20 Bust 44" Waist 46" Hips 50"
  • 1 size-fits most KIMONO ROBES 60" around. Handy hanging-collar loop & big Patch Pockets.

 Judith K- Fort Lauderdale "It's been quite a while since I purchased the beautiful sunshine yellow robe from your fabulous clothing line, but even after several launderings, it still looks as beautiful as the day I bought it from you."

Victoria San Diego "It's perfect for our weather here and feel's so soft and comfortable." 



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